About us

Red Bush Jewellery is based in White River, Mpumalanga, South Africa and is the result of a pastime that turned into a passion that in turn has resulted in a business!  Owner Jenny Renssen who in 2008 relocated from Cape Town to White River with her family, is passionate about beading.

Having moved from the "big" city, Red Bush's range of jewellery embraces instead the Lowveld surroundings, its bushveld and wildlife.  So a "Classical African" range has emerged, allowing you, the owner, to take home your own piece of Africa.

Our range includes earrings, necklaces and bracelets for both adults and children.  No two items are the same - we always make sure that some little detail is changed.  So while a particular item may share a similar pattern to another, subtle differences either in the ribbon, charms or beads will set them apart.

Jenny has embraced the community, and she involves local beaders from time to time.  Red Bush beads are sourced primarily in the Lowveld area, but holidays elsewhere usually result in a suitcase full of tiny treasures!

Each piece of Red Bush Jewellery is individually handmade with passion and love in South Africa.


Prices on this site are WHOLESALE prices.  

For a retail stockist closest to you please email info@redbush jewellery.co.za